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IBA is Indiana's only bowhunting organization.  We strive to protect your hunting rights, promote ethical hunting, the sport of archery and conserve wildlife.  We want to protect our deer herd and help Hoosiers...

The Purpose of Your IBA:  Aiming for a Better Tomorrow Since 1965!

a. To foster, expand, perpetuate and educate the practice of bowhunting and conservation of Natural Resources in the State of Indiana.
b. To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship among all bowhunters.
c. To encourage and educate the use of the bow and arrow in the hunting of all legal game and predators; to improve,
increase and protect the privileges of bowhunters.
d. To co-operate and assist the state governments and sportsmen in the conservation of game and it's natural habitat, the forest and fields.
e. To propose or support legislation which will enhance the sport of bowhunting in the state of Indiana.

You're invited to join the Indiana Bowhunter Association  The IBA has been protecting your hunting rights, conserving Indiana wildlife, representing members interests to State government and DNR since 1965.  Together we are stronger to protect the Indiana deer herd and preserve hunting rights. Make your voice heard by supporting the IBA!

Join the IBA today!  $5 of every membership or renewal goes to support

the National Archery in the Schools Program

Our annual events are for members and non-members to share comradery, raise funds to support our mission and others in need while celebrating bowhunting.  Learn more here...

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Welcome to IBA 

Together we are strong!  Since 1965 Indiana hunters have come together to protect what there hold dear.  If we don't protect our rights and wildlife who will? Your membership is good for the entire family and...

Indiana Bowhunter Association members are people who love Indiana deer hunting, Indiana turkey hunting, bowfishing Indiana lakes and rivers, the sport of Archery along with people who just love the outdoors and want to protect our natural resources. The IBA believe we need to protect our white tail deer herd and other Indiana wildlife by working with the Indiana DNR and other state organizations.  If that is you we hope you learn more about the IBA, choose to join and attend a event soon.  We also support other orgainiations such as the NASP or National Archery in the Schools Program and work with national groups such as Pope & Young Club and Compton Traditional Bowhunters. Since 1965 the Indiana Bowhunter Association has been Indiana bow hunters helping other bow hunters. Join today to protect your hunting rights!

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