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IBA Executive Board 2017-2018

President:              John Haines

Vice President:     Don Schofield

Secretary:              Melinda Bol 

Treasurer:             Herb Higgins

IBA District Advisors

District 1:   Don Schofield 

District 2:   Randy Saalfrank

District 3:   OPEN (Election in 2019)

District 4:   Gregg Reed     

District 5:   Jerry Andrews          (260) 223-8863

District 6:   Troy Lynch                (812) 847-8522

District 7:   Shelly Ray                317-796-0096

District 8:   Daniel Belwood

District 9:   Ivan Berkenstock

District 10:  OPEN  (Election in 2019)

IBA Advisory Council

Legislative Chairman:   Gene Hopkins

Membership Chairman:   Herb Higgins  

Activities Coordinator:    Tommy Smith

Game Awards:   Gerald Eads

Ray Minton Youth Camps:   Randy Saalfrank

Merchandise:   John Haines

Website:   John Haines

By Laws / SOP:   Herb Higgins